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Welcome…  Thank you for coming by and your interest in Hypnosis and Past Life Regression. I shall in these few pages make an effort to explain the work I do and how I believe these things create lifelong Changes in the lives of my Clients.

I was first exposed to Hypnosis… over 40 years ago by an enlightened Dentist who used hypnosis in his private dental practice for over 40 years prior to my meeting him. His use of hypnosis stemed from his need to help patients through various dental procedures and oral surgeries without feeling pain or anxiety during a time in history before the advent of modern day analgesics.

The moment… I first witnessed the power of focused concentration (Hypnosis) under the good Doctor’s guidance; I knew that studying and understanding the mind would be an area of interest and fascination for a lifetime; to this date there has never been a dull moment.

Since… that first entrancing evening with Dr. Keiserlin I have had the good fortune of study some of the finest minds and practitioners in the field and have been blessed to work along side of some very talented healers and teachers. To this day I continue to seek the latest and best information, skills and techniques which help me to perform my work at the highest levels thus ensuring when clients leave my office I have given everything expected and more as the result of their seeking me out for their own personal Journey into Self.

I am… a Certified Master Hypnotist Practitioner, I also hold Masters level Certifications in Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro  Linguistic Programing), Time Line Therapy and Life Coaching. In addition I am a Reiki Master performing an inspired modality of energy healing; however my greatest love and fascination is in the arena of Past Life Regression.

I believe… that we are greater than the reflections we see in the mirror. I believe we each are eternal spiritual creations currently living a human experience for our own edification and for the benefit and expansion of the universe as a whole.  I believe that this life is a choice, made prior to our actual experience of it and that all of the creations in it are in deed the results and reflections of our minds and our creative abilities.

I believe.. that hypnosis is an innate state of mind that we all have the ability to access, can allow each of us to explore, determine and create our greatest human potentials.  It is this powerful state of mind I seek to induce in each of my clients to help them discover on a personal level so they may know and experience all the greatness and possibilities they traveled into this world to achieve.

Please feel free… to explore this site.  I will endeavor to add links and information which I feel will be of service to you.  Hypnosis is a safe and practical way to create change on a personal level if that is what you are seeking and it may help you to discover your part in this magical creation.  I hope you discover within it everything you need and more.  It’s a beautiful life and you deserve it to be everything you wish it to be.

I look forward to our meeting and the opportunity to be of service to you as your gentle guide through the magical realms of mind and spirit. It will be a life changing adventure for each of us.

Your appointment begins by leaving a reply with your name, number and email, telling me about what you desire to accomplish with your sessions, I will personally call you.  Your personal information is 100% private 100% of the time.

Thank You and Blessings Abundant




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Past Life Regression Institute’s Fall conference

The PLR Institutes fall conference is quickly making it’s approach.  If you are interested in Past Lives this is a local southern California opportunity to spend the day with people of like minds.

Enjoy lunch, dinner and wine tasting in a fun filled day of great speakers presenting amazing discussions, demonstrations and group experiences. Please join us.


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